Purple Wax Purp Jam Vol. 1

I got the opportunity to join my good homies on a journey to Los Angeles, California to throw a best trick skateboard competition at Rob Dyrdek's North Hollywood Skate Plaza. To say that this was a last minute thing was an understatement. Alex Lujan, the owner, founder, artist, graphic artist, photographer, videographer, beatmaker, dj, rapper, (I could go on, the dude can. do. everything!) he had the idea for a while, but wasn't sure he could round up enough yung gods with enough cash to help rent a van, pay for gas, and survive while we were out west. Alex first brought Guthrie on board. Guthrie had been helping, promoting, and generally representing Purple Wax for years now, but just recently when Alex done came up on a fly new office off Ben White right near Downtown Austin, Texas, boy! That's when Pupito (Alex) realized it was time to start getting serious. He asked Guthrie to come on board and that was pretty much already spoken for. Once Guthrie was on, Pup already had an arsenal of some really talented skaters that were officially skating for Purple Wax, puttin on for the south, swangaz, vogues, and po'n up fo's. These cats were good. Unfortunately, we wanted to bounce out of Austin that following week. It happened to be a liiiitle too short notice for lets say... almost the whole team couldn't roll deep in the mommy mobile. But, with the very slim selection of vans in our budget, two of the good homies on the team were able to come along as well. The god Verde Loc and dready Jordan Miles. These guys can rip, and were a perfect addition to the van to catch clips and have good times. And last but not least, lucky for me, I had just made the move back to Austin for the time being, and had been involved with Purple Wax in the previous years. After 3 long weeks of helping my parents make a move 15 minutes down the road from their previous home, not to mention all of their furniture is heavy enough to sink the f'ing titanic. The trip happened to fall at the perfect time for me. Moving was slowing down, and I had been so occupied with graduating, moving, and more moving, I had finally realized I hadn't shot in months. I had two new cameras fully charged with blank cards just begging to be used. Don Honcho Pupito asked me to come along and document the trip. I was way with it. And here we are. After 21 (21,21,21,21,21 if you get the reference) looong hours of skate spot stops, driving, getting pulled over, checkpoints, gas stations, and fast food, we made it out here to North Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. Here are the first volume of photos from the week before the trip, to loading up the van, arriving at our destination, and all the good stuff in between. More to come very soon! Enjoy.